C Max Solutions security experts will thoroughly assess your applications, from both a technical and non-technical perspective, to determine security weaknesses. The result is a detailed report of findings and specific recommendations for remediating any vulnerability found. 

Key Features

Website Security Testing - Cmax Solutions

  • Thorough assessment of application vulnerabilities that may jeopardize critical or sensitive data.
  • Assesses application vulnerabilities that may jeopardize the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical or sensitive data.
  • Functional review of the application from both a client and server perspective.
  • Comprehensive vulnerability assessment of the application and network infrastructure directly supporting the application.
  • Determines security weaknesses and misconfigurations through comprehensive vulnerability assessment of the application and network infrastructure directly supporting the application.
  • Testing performed by SB security experts who have a background in application development.
  • Targeted, cost-effective source code review to pinpoint areas in the code that can be improved for greater security.
  • Detailed report providing recommendations for mitigating discovered risks.

Technical Information

In recent years, the popularity of Web Applications has grown dramatically, with many organisations converting legacy mainframe and database systems into dynamic web applications. Technologies such as Php, Ajax, JavaScript, JSP, Java, ASP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, Perl, Flash and Ruby allow a company to quickly develop client-server applications that can be accessed over the internet and/or intranet. 

With the growth of web enabled applications, attacks have become more sophisticated. Security Brigade's application security service keeps your application ahead of the curve through constant innovation and evolution. A rapid growth in discovered vulnerabilities in applications allows the HTTP protocol to become an attacker's easiest path into a network.  

In-house and commercially developed applications often put speedy development and convenience over security, which results in vulnerabilities such as Authentication bypass, SQL Injection, Cross site scripting etc. Applications are also a preferred target for attackers, as they almost always allow access into an internal network through the firewall.  

Our application security audit will provide a report on the effectiveness of the security controls that are put in place in your applications. Our report will also provide remediation advice for those items discovered along with a detailed explanation. Once the vulnerabilities are fixed, a follow-up test will be carried out to ensure that all the vulnerabilities originally found are fixed. 


Security Brigade's application testing helps safeguard your organisation against failure, through: 

  • Provides secure extension of business applications.
  • Identifies application security issues before they are exploited.
  • Increases real-world perspective into hacker techniques and motivations.
  • Identifies specific risks to the organisation and provides detailed recommendations to mitigate them.
  • Assists in increase of customer confidence and trust on the application.
  • Prevents application downtime and improves productivity.
  • Reduces the cost of recovery and fixes due to loss of information.
  • Prevents loss of customer’s confidential information.
  • Helps to achieve and maintain compliance with federal and state regulations.
  • Overcoming legal hassles due to failure of the application security.
  • Delivers timely and valuable application vulnerability information to assist in developing proactive protection measures.