First impression is the last impression; our expert team tries to develop the websites in a very attractive manner so that your customers get impressed at the first go only. 

Website Designing is an art of creating presentations of content which is meant for end user. Therefore, we design website that includes all the features like navigation bar, attractive color theme, drop down menus, flash headers, flexible product pages and many more. We provide Web Design Service that is unique & easy to use. 

How we made it?

Web Design - Cmax Solutions

Our technical team associated with the development of website, first design or develops the presentation of content as per the requirement of our client & then activates it on World Wide Web (www). We develop web page in two basic formats:


  • Static Pages - These pages on a website don't change until a person manually updates the page.
  • Dynamic Pages - A dynamic page is something which changes as per the end user's input or any changes in the computing environment

Services that we provide at & C Max Solutions are:

  • PSD Designing: We try to create impressive web design layouts, so that it creates good impression on your clients. Our team is focused giving best output to our clients.
  • Graphics Designing: We create an innovative graphic design that gives you effective visual impact.
    • Brochures & Flyers
    • Logos
    • Catalogs & Folders
  • New Letter Designing: We also design professional newsletter, which provides you best solution for your business communication.
  • Flash / Action Script: When we design websites, we want to create unforgettable experience for the visitors. We offer advanced flash headers, character animation, multimedia presentation, flash intros and flash banners.
  • Video Integration: We can incorporate video, services video performance video and many more in your website to make your website more attractive.
  • Website Re-Designing: Web redesigning can be a very fruitful & important step towards the success of the online business, if it carried effectively. We explore your website and confirm whether the website is meeting the desired standards and expectations of your customers and redesign it up to the latest standards.