Web Portal is a site that contains diverse information in an integrated way on World Wide Web. Web portal is a valuable medium to connect with your target audience. Through Web portal, one can share its business information with individual or group spread over the internet. 

For any business, it is very important to stay connected with its audience & provide relevant information whenever needed by consumer. Keeping that in mind, we at C Max Solutions offer Web Portal Development services that specially designed to fulfill your business needs & We develop portal that are incorporated with proper navigational facility, secure mode of payment, interactive tools like blog community, image gallery, chat option, message board etc. and informative contents for the users.Web Portal Development - Cmax Solutions


Our Web Portal Development services include:

  • Database Design and integration
  • User Interface Design
  • Portal application programming
  • Maintenance & Support of Portal
  • Managing portal upgrades and addition of new features
  • Quality work with complete testin

We provide service in various types of portals:-

  • Enterprise Portal: Enterprise portal is basically used for enterprise applications, corporate databases and systems. Enterprise portal are designed in order to provide organizational information to public. It is the best medium for companies to market their product & services in front of their target audience.
  • Community Portal: Community portal is developed in order to share business or personal information among the same community or group of people who holds same interest.
  • E-Market Portal: E-Market Portal is used for transmitting funds, goods, services or any data over internet. E-Market Portal bring together buyers & sellers on a same platform i.e. Internet.
  • Intranet Portal: Intranet Portal is for internal use only. It is useful when any company wants to share its internal information with its internal employee only. Data is exchanged within company only; no outside person can have access to your internal's information.