Want to know your consumer preferences? C Max extracts relevant results by conducting various online surveys. Our online researchers are uniquely qualified in the art and science of creating, managing and evaluating online surveys. We are involved in designing, administering and analyzing every type of online surveys that includes

  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Market research surveys

Whether you are launching a new product and want B2B market research, a business that needs to measure its brand penetration or an HR executive looking for some insight into employee satisfaction, you can count on C Max as we provide secure, valid, reliable, relevant and bias-free data results that you need. While availing services from C Max, you can be sure that:

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  • Your survey asks the right questions, in a way that speaks to participants
  • You are inviting the right people to participate
  • You have enough responses to trust your results
  • Conducting the survey is efficient and trouble-free
  • Reports will be clear and easy to understand
  • You have learned all you can from your results

We provide professionally conducted survey solutions. Get an insight into the customer’s mind and heart by our surveys and you will find out the following: 

Find out what your customers think of your product or services.

  • Determine the level of knowledge your employees have in every aspect of their job.
  • Find out how your employees feel about business practices, leadership, or benefits.
  • Uncover hidden problems with your suppliers or find out just how good they are!
  • Determine your market penetration and what consumers feel about your corporate identity.
  • Find out if your strategic planning is as efficient and wide-ranging as it could be.

You can pick from our various survey delivery methods that match your respondents:

  • E-mail Surveys
  • Web Surveys
  • Survey-by-Disk
  • Network Surveys
  • Scannable paper surveys
  • Paper-based