"Would you like to create desktop application for your business? Are you searching for the best partner, who will provide you desktop application development for your business?" 

You have landed on C Max Solutions that will provide you determined scalable and robust desktop application in real time. For this, you have to fill the request quote form or contact us. We will revert within hours as per your expectations. 

We have developed desktop applications based on rich client application that was compiled and run using the processing power of an individual user's desktop computer. CIPL services can deploy scalable, multi-user, design and rich client desktop applications that connect to SQLServer or Microsoft Access MDB databases and Visual Basic, Visual Basic .Net or Microsoft access data project (ADP). Desktop applications primarily assist in the automation of business management tasks and it runs inside an organization. 

There are various reasons that make success for any desktop application in ever evolving and dynamic business environment. 

  • Easy navigation
  • Graphic User Interface
  • Flexibility
  • Data mining
  • Desktop Application - Cmax Solutions
  • Security
  • Backup/archiving
  • Fail-safe and auto recovery
  • Trail-back
  • Application logs
  • Changing rules in business
  • Data transformation services
  • Role-based access of the information


CIPL, an offshore development center in India, provide Desktop application development to those clients who need this robust application for their business at the time when they cope up with their competitors. It is either a desktop application development or application migration or application porting; CIPL deals in all the software application development and provide full assistance regarding any questionnaire. 

We use different techniques in Desktop Application Development:

  • Software development platforms
  • Software application development tool
  • Employ latest project management techniques
  • Software engineering practices like XP (Extreme Programming)

Any of our customers, who don't want full time hire. - Then we will provide them on-contract project allocation on dedicated hours. Our professionals are allowed to work on multiple client engagements during a given time period or allotted dedicated hours. This unique feature of dedicated hours helps the client to get advantages of the knowledgeable staff while being cost for its productive hours. 

Marketed under our client's/company names and our products are appreciated by their customer. Many notable and successful windows and desktop applications are developed by us using:

  • PHP & Mysql
  • Visual Basic
  • .Net (Dot Net)
  • SQLServer
  • Microsoft Access
  • MySQL as database for a broad spectrum

Experienced with All Major Platforms 

Microsoft .NET

Having a profound knowledge and deep building experience in .NET & ASP.NET based Desktop Application Development. We use C# and VB.NET and Microsoft SQL server for high performance applications for Microsoft based infrastructures. 


PHP is the fantastic mean, PHP developers to build useful reliable cross platform desktop application for those who wants this application into their business.